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NEWS March 13, 2014

The bulk of the world's airports still operating at a loss – new ACI Economics Report

The profitability struggle faced by the world’s airports was one of the topics under the microscope in the opening session of this year’s Airport Economics and Finance Conference in London.

Adding value

Why do airports need a brand? George Karamanos considers the importance of branding and the impact it can have on a gateway’s image.

NEWS March 12, 2014

Airlines predicted to make $18.7 billion profit in 2014

On the eve of ACI’s Airport Economics & Finance Conference in London, IATA has revealed that 2014 is set to be a good year for world’s airlines, with anticipated profits of $18.7 billion.

NEWS March 12, 2014

New bids to be submitted for Myanmar airport

Work on the new Hanthawaddy International Airport in Myanmar faces additional delays because of a new project policy change, according to reports.

NEWS March 12, 2014

Rises in traffic reported by airports across the globe

Traffic reports for February 2014 are coming in thick and fast with airports across different continents reporting surges in passenger numbers.

Traffic surge across Avinor operated airports

International traffic at Avinor operated airports increased by 4% in February compared to the same month in 2013.

NEWS March 12, 2014

Is beacon technology coming to airports?

Beacon technology has been hailed as a game-changer in retail – but will it be used at airports?

NEWS March 11, 2014

New president and CEO at Halifax International

Joyce Carter has been named as the new president and CEO of Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA).

NEWS March 11, 2014

Traveller numbers down 5.8% in February at Warsaw Chopin

Warsaw Chopin Airport handled more than 623,000 passengers in February 2014, a 5.8% drop compared to the same period in 2013.

Baseball exhibition showcased at Denver International

As the Colorado Rockies season opening day is just around the corner - a baseball themed exhibition has opened at Denver International Airport.

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