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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 11:23


In the spotlight: Human resources

Airports: Prage and San Diego

Focus: ASQ winners

Plus: Finance, security & environment

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President and CEO, James Cherry, talks to Joe Bates about his development plans for Canada’s third largest gateway and operator, Aéroports de Montréal.


Bigger and better
Frankfurt Airport CEO, Dr Stefan Schulte, tells Kevin Rozario that the gateway has plenty to look forward to over the next 18 months.


Out of Africa
What challenges and opportunities does Kilimanjaro International Airport face as a privatised regional gateway in Africa? Lucy Siebert reports.



Getting the basics right
ACI’s director of facilitation, Craig Bradbrook, considers how important the airport retailing and dining experience is to overall passenger satisfaction.


Worth the effort
Retail innovation can boost revenues and customer satisfaction levels, writes Kevin Rozario.




Remembering retail
Shopping is now so fundamental to the passenger experience that its importance must be remembered when designing airport terminals, writes Robbie Gill.


The digital age
Digital signage can be used as a powerful promotion tool to capture attention, build brands and drive sales in addition to wayfinding, writes Kevin Hickson.


Serving up a treat
Innovation and understanding your customers are ingredients that should be on the menu of all F&B operators wishing to taste success at airports, writes Noel Toolan.



Watch this space
Gaining advertising revenue from Flight Information Display System (FIDS) screens is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for airports, writes James Carey.


Taking stock
Is arrivals shopping a worthwhile investment to raise an airport’s non-aeronautical revenues? Louise Driscoll investigates.


Tall story
Robin Stone discovers more about the history and evolution of the air traffic control tower.




Leading by example
What are the primary concerns and challenges facing CEOs of small to medium sized airports? Terri Morrissey and Dr Richard Plenty investigate.


Child’s play
From kindergarten to playgrounds, airports aim to please their youngest guests, writes Nicole Nelson.


Visualising your assets
Airports are fast discovering the power of geographic information systems (GIS), writes Terry Bills.


Security driven
What is being done to ensure that airport car parks are safe and secure? Stephen Vaughn investigates.


AW2-p60 AW2-p61


The way forward
What does the future hold for the development of cargo infrastructure in North America? Ian Putzger reports.


Project watch
New Lisbon Airport.


ACI’s World Business Partners


Environment news


The last word
BAA USA president, Mark Knight, talks to Airport World about the wonderful world of retail.


ACI traffic trends


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