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NEWS Last modified on May 3, 2013

Honolulu airport’s $750m revamp gets underway

An extensive improvement project at Honolulu International Airport has begun with groundbreaking for a new Aloha Air Cargo (AAC) facility.

The $12m AAC terminal, being built with private investment, will consolidate cargo operations, support offices and customer service operations into a single location.

Construction at the facility, set to begin next month, is part of the gateway’s $750m overhaul under a statewide Hawaii Airports Modernisation Program.

Ford Fuchigami, deputy director of the State of Hawaii’s Airports Division, described the AAC facility as the first step in a larger modernisation plan to accommodate rising air traffic and heightened security requirements.

Moving AAC’s operations will enable its current facilities to be demolished to make room for widening taxi lanes to accommodate larger planes.

Honolulu International Airport’s facelift will include runway and taxiway improvements as well as the new Diamond Head Commuter Terminal and the Muaka Concourse.

Work is due to start this summer on the new commuter terminal, which will have six departure gates and 14 aircraft parking positions.

The new L-shaped Mauka Concourse, to be built on the location of the current commuter terminal, will enable the airport to host larger planes.

Its six new gatehouses will together accommodate up to six widebody aircraft such as A350s or 11 narrowbody planes.

Completion of the entire project is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

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