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NEWS Last modified on May 8, 2013

Frankfurt Airport and Heinemann Duty Free launch 'virtual shopping wall'

Heinemann Duty Free has unveiled a ‘QR code wall’ at Frankfurt Airport.

The billboard allows people to scan pictures of duty free items and have them delivered to an airport collection point or straight to their home.

The shopping trend is a big hit in Asia and will soon be a common sight at Frankfurt Airport.

Located right next to the gates, the giant virtual shopping billboard displays 60 different perfumes, cosmetic items, spirits and confectionery products.

Shoppers make their choices from three categories: Bestsellers, New and Special Offers. Special Offer products (which change each month, just as they do in the shops) are sold at a 30% discount on Duty Free prices, which themselves represent good value.

Alongside each product is a QR code which travellers can scan using the Heinemann Express Shopping app or a standard QR code reader.

By scanning the codes, shoppers get more information about the goods on offer, place selected items into a virtual shopping basket and place orders for those goods.

All it takes is a few clicks – and the products ordered are conveniently delivered to a pick-up point right next to the QR code wall in less than 15 minutes.

Markus Ettlin, head of central marketing at Gebr Heinemann, said: “The trial period that we’ve organised in partnership with Fraport is limited to six months.

“The main point of it is not to make a lot of sales. We are more interested in finding out how the new virtual shop is used and which nationalities it appeals to most.

“At the same time, of course, we want to make shopping even easier and more relaxing for our customers.”

Ute Pohl, head of retail at Fraport, said: “We are excited to see how passengers will respond to the new virtual shopping range. And we’re proud to be the first German airport to offer travellers this totally new shopping experience.”

Travellers can of course still choose from the full range of Duty Free products in the larger Heinemann Duty Free shops, located in all terminal areas of Frankfurt Airport. 

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