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NEWS Last modified on December 6, 2013

First of four new bookstores opens at Denver International

An iconic Colorado bookstore has started selling books at Denver International Airport (DIA).

The Tattered Cover, is the first of four planned locations at DIA, and opened today in the center of the B Concourse.

The bookstore is part of an exclusive license agreement with existing airport bookseller, Hudson Booksellers, a brand of premier travel retailer Hudson Group.

In addition to the construction of four Tattered Cover locations at DIA the agreement also covers the introduction of five Hudson News newsstands. Two of the newsstands opened Wednesday on the east and west ends of the B Concourse.

The B Concourse locations are the first to open, with the rest of the locations scheduled to have staggered openings throughout the first half of 2014.

Upon completion, the Tattered Cover stores will be located in all three concourses as well as the Jeppesen Terminal.

Kim Day, Denver’s manager of aviation, says: “For more than 40 years, the Tattered Cover has been a strong Colorado brand and a literary icon.

“Through a unique licensing agreement, we are pairing a successful national airport operator, Hudson Group, with a beloved local brand.

“This is the most recent example of the airport’s ongoing commitment to provide a better mix of brands to enhance our travellers’ experiences.”

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