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NEWS Last modified on March 11, 2014

New president and CEO at Halifax International

Joyce Carter has been named as the new president and CEO of Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA).

The announcement was made today by Peter McDonough, chair of HIAA's board of director, which operates Halifax Robert Stanfield International Airport in Canada.

"Joyce has exceptional senior management experience and an outstanding record of achievement. Since joining HIAA in 1999, Joyce has been an integral part of our airport community and HIAA's growth and development," says McDonough.

McDonough adds: "Halifax Stanfield International Airport is a major economic engine for our municipality and province, and it is vital that HIAA's senior leadership team brings the skills and experience that will see that critical role maintained and enhanced.

“We are confident that Joyce will continue to provide effective leadership both at the airport and in our community."

Halifax Stanfield International Airport welcomes around 3.6 million passengers a year.

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