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NEWS Last modified on March 17, 2014

Travel plaza to be officially opened at JFK International

The official opening of the JFK Travel Plaza at New York’s JFK International Airport will take place on April 3.

The JFK Travel Plaza has been built by Airport Plazas, and offers travellers, airport employees, taxi’s and visitors a place for food, fuel and other services without stepping foot inside the terminal.

Mall facilities include a Sunoco Gas & Diesel station, and a food court with more than 180 seats, featuring a Wendy's, Qdoba Mexican Grill, and Max's New York Style Pizza.

Visitors can also use a 7-Eleven convenience store, a 24x7 drop off and pick up dry cleaning service, a car wash, bank, auto repair and Wi-Fi and flight information display boards.

A valet service is also available employees to pick up and drop to and from their offices, or terminal when dropping their car for auto repair service.

The plaza is also the first of its kind at any airport across the country with the offering of E85, compressed natural gas (CNG) and Tesla Superchargers and the only public truck parking facility in New York City.

George Abi Zeid, president & CEO of Airport Plazas, says: “Customers have access to great parking, food options, free Wi-Fi and other amenities, such as a 24/7 dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off service and flight information screens. The plaza will be the hub of non-aviation activity at JFK Airport.”

Airport Plazas constructs and operates travel plaza facilities at airport locations throughout the US and has facilities either already open or under construction at Newark Liberty, JFK, Indianapolis and Ft. Myers and expansion plans for several more.

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