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AIRPORT DESIGN Last modified on October 10, 2013

Project Watch - Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

New terminal will ultimately be capable of accommodating up to 43mppa.

Project details

Location: Taiwan

Important developments: New Terminal 3

Scheduled completion date: TBC

Principal companies involved: NACO-TYLIN-Parsons Brinckerhoff joint venture

Total investment: $1.65 billion


Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TAC), operator of Taiwan’s main gateway, has awarded an international joint venture the consultancy contract for the development of its new Terminal 3.

Comprising Parsons Brinkerhoff, NACO and T.Y. Lin International (TYLIN), the JV will be responsible for overseeing the planning, design and construction management of T3, which will help raise the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s capacity to in excess of 60mppa by 2030.

Terminal 3 will be connected with Terminal 2 and the area in between are to be developed into a multi-purpose building that will contain a ground transportation centre, parking and commercial real estate.

Both terminals at the airport – home to both China Airlines and EVA Air – will be served by the regional light rail system.

The consultancy contract, worth an estimated $44 million to the JV, also includes the construction management of new A380 compatible parking positions and a new double cross taxiway.

With forecasts predicting that throughput at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TTIA) could rocket from around 28mppa today to up to 86mppa by 2042, the need for additional facilities is obvious.

TAC’s CEO, Samuel Lin, says: “The new terminal will be good for passengers, the environment and the airlines as it will be user friendly, energy efficient and better meet the operational needs of hub carriers China Airlines and EVA Air and their respective SkyTeam and Star Alliance partners.”

Lin admits that TAC has learnt a lot from the impressive terminal buildings at Singapore Changi and Hong Kong International Airport. They include the benefits of having an open and spacious building with lots of natural light; good signage; keeping the need to change floor levels to a minimum; and creating different flooring for different areas – carpet for lounges and granite at check-in, for example.

Rik Krabbendam, managing director of NACO, enthuses: “The airport expansion will allow the airport to regain its position as a major aviation hub and become an even stronger driver for the national economy, following examples set by Amsterdam Schiphol among others”.

NACO is no stranger to the airport having been associated with projects to enhance TTIA’s airfield since 2007. 

It will provide its expertise in terminal area master planning and knowledge of the airport.

Parsons Brinckerhoff, with its experience in project and construction management, will be responsible for the programme management of the project, and together with TYLIN will utilise their knowledge for the local engineering and site management.

TAC is confident that the new double cross taxiway system will be fast-tracked in order to clear the area for the T3 site that is currently occupied by the airport’s existing cross taxiway system.

The design package for this is expected to be tendered next year along with final designs for the new terminal. 

Elsewhere, Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie (ADPi) in collaboration with JV partner, Sinotech, has been named as the detailed design consultant for the redevelopment/renovation of the existing two runways, associated taxiways and NAVAIDS at TTIA. 

Its teams will also work on establishing an additional quick exit lane and extra parking areas, as well as extending the south runway 100 metres west and 350 metres east to reach 3,800 metres.

Following the expansion and redevelopment work, this runway will be able to accommodate widebody aircraft up to the size of the A380.

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