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Perth Airport

Airport wins approval for a A$2.4 billion upgrade over the next decade.

The Australian Government has rubber-stamped Perth Airport’s A$2.4 billion masterplan, the key project of which is the planned merger of the gateway’s existing domestic and international terminals.

Operator, Westralia Airports Corporation (WAC), claims that the masterplan – due to be carried out over the next 15 years – is vital to ensure that the gateway is equipped to meet long-term demand.

The masterplan outlines proposals to combine the airport’s domestic and international services in an area around the existing international terminal. The project will be delivered in three phases, with Phase 2 seeing a new terminal built for services within Western Australia.

Named Terminal WA, the facility is designed for ‘flyin fly-out workers’ and is expected to help boost tourism numbers to Western Australian.

The new single level facility is set to offer “an enhanced retail experience” and lounges for airlines that want them. It will be equipped to handle mid-size aircraft such as A320s and B737s and provide apron parking for up to 34 jets.

The second phase involves the construction of a new terminal pier attached to the eastern end of the current international terminal. The facility will cater for international operations and is likely to incorporate swing gates capable of catering for domestic operations when not in use for international services.

The final phase of consolidation will involve the remodelling of the existing international terminal to cater for domestic operations departures on the first level with airline lounges located on the current second floor.

The gateway is also expected to add new car parking facilities, office accommodation and up to two new hotels as part of its development plans.

In addition, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Anthony Albanese, has announced that that the federal and state (Western Australia) governments have commissioned a A$3.5 million study to identify how road and public transport links to the airport can be enhanced.

“The Commonwealth’s funding of the development of a Perth Airport Transport Master Plan and the Perth Urban Transport and Freight Corridor Upgrade are excellent initiatives and a model for future transport infrastructure planning,” says CEO, Brad Geatches.

Meanwhile the gateway’s determination to be a good neighbour ensures that it is committed to mitigating the impact of aircraft noise on communities surrounding the gateway.

The recent change in flight paths implemented by Airservices Australia to improve air safety resulted in changes in aircraft noise exposures and legitimate community concern.

Geatches says: “While, over time, improving aircraft and air navigation technology will continue to reduce noise exposure, it remains essential that Perth Airport, Airservices Australia and other industry stakeholders work closely with communities to manage noise impacts.

“We are mindful of the importance in communicating airport developments with the community and matters such as flight paths. Next year we will be undertaking essential runway works to ensure the high level of safety for our airfield infrastructure is maintained and Perth Airport is committed to communicating these works to the local community.”

Passenger traffic traditionally grows by around 6% per annum in Perth, and although growth rates are predicted to be significantly lower for the next two years, the airport has no qualms at all about predicting that a return to the good times lie just around the corner.

Indeed, passenger throughput is forecast to more than double to 18.9mppa by 2029.


Location: Perth, Australia

Important developments: Creation of a new integrated passenger terminal and airfield enhancements

Scheduled completion: December 2019

Principal companies involved: TBC

Total investment: A$2.4 billion

Airport World 2009 - Issue 6

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