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ENVIRONMENT Last modified on June 19, 2014

Environment news - Solar San Diego

Borrego Solar is to build a 3.3 megawatt solar energy system on the rooftops of San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 2 and adjacent parking lot.

The system will generate an estimated 5.3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first year, supplying 10% to 13% of the energy needs for Terminals 1 and 2.

Borrego Solar will build and finance the system through a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA), which is expected to save the airport between $3-8 million over the contract period.

Thella Bowens, president and CEO of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, says: “This solar project – the first at the airport – will be a noteworthy and visible highlight of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

“By partnering with Borrego Solar, we will boost our sustainability efforts with clean energy generation, providing environmental benefits to the region and financial savings to the airport authority.

“And we’re happy to be working with a company that is a local San Diego success story, employing local workers in construction of this project.”

The installation is part of SDIA’s larger initiative that began in 2008, when it was the first major airport to adopt a formal sustainability policy.

Efforts include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, achieving LEED certification in all new construction, reducing water use, using energy efficient lighting, and re-using and recycling construction waste.

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