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IT Last modified on September 21, 2015

A world of opportunities

IT is spearheading the development of airports across the world, writes Binnur Güleryüz Onaran, general manager of TAV Information Technologies.

The aviation industry has employed cutting edge technology since its early days and airports are no exception.

Indeed, today’s airports are pioneers in the implementation of new technology and have effectively become airtight operation centres where hundreds of different IT systems are integrated and operated 24/7.

At TAV Information Technologies (TAV IT) we work continuously to provide a comfortable, fast and safe travel experience while maximising passenger satisfaction.

We have positioned ourselves as the ‘IT architect’ for the industry and as such provide customised services to a host of airports and aviation clients, which want to take advantage of our professional and innovative team.

Our mission is to strive to add value for all stakeholders in the sector – particularly airport operators and airlines – through innovative products and solutions that help them increase their efficiency while increasing passenger satisfaction.

I am pleased to say that as a result of our ambitions TAV IT has become one of the leading players in this arena in a relatively short period of time, proved by the recently won tender for the infrastructure works of the ongoing terminal construction project of the Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) in Abu Dhabi.

When completed in 2017, Abu Dhabi International Airport’s MTB will be the world’s largest terminal constructed under one roof.

TAV IT’s role in this mega project includes providing the design, set-up, commissioning and operations of a broad range of mission critical information and communications technology (ICT) systems.

Abu Dhabi Airports wants the new 27mppa capacity terminal to be one of the smartest on the planet in terms of its state-of-the-art IT systems that incorporate the latest in near-field communication and self-service and biometric technologies.

The giant MTB will have an indoor floor area of 702,000sqm and boast 106 passenger bridges, 156 check-in counters, 48 self-service kiosk areas and more than 28,000sqm of retail and F&B space.

Today, the products and services of TAV IT are utilised at 29 airports on three continents. Our expertise is in providing integrated turnkey airport systems and developing solutions that increase efficiency by restructuring business processes.

AODB (Airport Operational Database), IB (Information Broker), FIDS (Flight Information Display System), RMS (Resource Management System), CDM (Collaborative Decision Making), SCMS (Slot Co-ordination and Management System), PIS (Passenger Information System), SIPA (IATA Type-B Message Parser), TAV Mobile Applications, VIP/CIP Operation and Reservation Suite, MIS (Management Information System), IMS (Infrastructure Monitoring System), SHRIKE (Systems and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management System), SmartZone (Indoor Geo-positioning and Proximity Marketing System) and CAFI (Catch Actual Flight Information) are amongst the products designed, developed and exported by TAV IT.

We are also providing services in other areas such as data collection, UNIX and database consultancy, system and infrastructure, consultancy on information technology and aviation systems as well as on enterprise resource planning.

TAV IT carries out its operations by enhancing its innovation processes and R&D activities to sustain a customer-oriented approach in parallel with technological developments.

For example, TAV IT is one of the very first companies in the world to use iBeacon technology and completed the required improvements in the TAV SmartZone application.

TAV SmartZone enables users to receive the latest notifications about promotions, exclusive offers and special campaigns at specific locations of duty-free areas and food & beverage courts.

Having already been downloaded 350,000 times, the TAV Mobile application brings together all the services at the airport and makes them available on the passengers’ mobile device.

Along with providing attractive solutions to passengers, we are also supporting the productivity of airlines and airport authorities.

For example, we have completed the development of our SLOT Coordination and Management System product, which allows airports to use SLOT capacity in the most efficient way.

Furthermore, development of the SHRIKE to monitor and manage TAV IT products and infrastructure equipment and systems has also been completed.

Designed by TAV IT engineers, CAFI (Catch Actual Flight Information) automatically recognises the names of aircraft within the airspace and transfers this information to the related airport.

Aviation and IT go hand-in-hand as without cutting edge technology that continues to evolve and enhance the industry’s capacity and operational effectiveness, airports as we know them today simply couldn’t exist.

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