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Dallas Love Field

Modernisation programme set to complete transformation of Dallas’ second gateway.

Project details

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

Important developments: Terminal reconstruction and overall modernisation

Scheduled completion: October 2014

Principal companies involved: Corgan Associates, Hensel Phelps Construction

Total investment: $519 million

Dallas Love Field, the headquarters for Southwest Airlines, is currently undergoing its largest and most ambitious construction project since its establishment in the 1950s.

The Love Field Modernisation Programme (LFMP) will renovate and expand the airport creating a cohesive, modern facility that will serve the needs of Dallas citizens and travellers for many years to come.

A new centralised concourse with 20 gates, a remodelled lobby, and an expanded baggage claim area are the major projects of the renovation and expansion programme.

Its modern new ticketing hall will be used by all airlines, whilst the baggage claim hall will be expanded to accommodate future demand levels.

A $250 million airport people mover will also be installed as part of the gateway's transformation.

The final facility will be approximately 750,000sqft and will maintain the basics for which Love Field is know, namely passenger convenience, operational efficiency and maintainability.

The job will require demolition of the existing terminals along with their combined 20 gates and replaced with a new 20-gate, T-shaped central concourse.

The design, developed by Corgan Architects, who created the original terminal back in 1958, incorporates tall ceilings, which allow for an abundance of natural light.

"Dallas Love Field has been undergoing a dramatic evolution since 2010 and now we are starting to see the results," says Diego Rincon, assistant director of aviation for capital projects at Dallas City Hall.

"The new Love Field Airport will increase efficiency for travellers while maintaining the convenience it currently offers passengers. In the new design, the terminal will decrease approximately 25% in size by replacing a large amount of unused and outdated space with modern and efficient facilities.

"The three original concourses will be demolished and consolidated into one convenient, centrally located concourse for all airlines. The main lobby space will be renovated, but will retain the overall structure and volume of the original design.

"This portion of the facility is the symbolic heart of the terminal complex and a vital part of the passenger processing operation. In addition, the programme will more than double the amount of available airport concessions – yet another tremendous benefit for Love Field customers," says Rincon

And this year brings major milestones for the programme. Terminal 2 will begin its next phase of construction with the updating and subsequent unveiling of a new security checkpoint and lobby area.

With this major transformation in Terminal 2, Love Field has installed directional signage at all entrance points of to the Terminal, which is being constructed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification.

As roadway expansion and construction continues, there will be additional lane closures in front of the Terminals, resulting in wider and additional lanes that will relieve traffic entering
the airport.

Local support for the LFMP has accelerated the scheme, and the city looks forward to the expected completion in 2014.


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