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ACI World director general, Angela Gittens, looks ahead to the next quarter of a century as the organisation celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of ACI. I would like to thank Airport World for joining in our celebration by dedicating this issue to the past, present and future of our organisation. 

The pace of change within the airport industry has accelerated over the last quarter century, and ACI has evolved in step to support its ever-growing membership. 

ACI was formed in 1991 through the merger of the Airport Operators Council International and the International Civil Airports Association with the aim of communicating the needs of the world’s airports to regulators and other stakeholders through one consolidated voice.

ACI works to help airports achieve high levels of safety and security, environmental stewardship, customer service and economic vitality for the communities they serve. We provide training, publish best-practice guidance material, compile and analyse traffic and economic data, present opportunities for airport professionals to share knowledge and represent the airport sector within and outside of the industry on the emerging issues of the day. 

And, while all of these activities are undertaken on behalf of our members, ACI also serves the end user. As connecters of people, places and businesses, airports were fortunate to play an important role in the lives of over seven billion travellers last year. 

On any given day at airports all over the world, people meet, bid farewell, create and become inspired. Airports are far more than concrete and metal. We are part of an industry that, at its core, is about keeping the world connected.

Our accomplishments to date are significant and reflect ACI’s ability to stay on the cutting edge of developments that affect the world’s airports. Looking forward to our next quarter century, we will relentlessly push the boundaries so that we can continue to grow as an industry. 

We will expand our already significant collaboration with stakeholders by representing airports on the world stage at meetings of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), its committees and working groups; partnering on programmes concerning safety, security and environmental protection; and holding leading events. 

I am pleased to report that ACI World will be co-operating with our partners in the ACI-ICAO-IATA Aviation Security Conference (AVSEC World) in Kuala Lumpur this October, and the Investing in Airports conference in Goa this December, produced by ACI and in co-operation with ICAO and the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 

We will help and encourage the next generation of airport professionals by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. 

As the world’s leading provider of airport management and operations education, we will continue to expand executive leadership, professional accreditation, subject-matter competency and personalised training courses. 

We will continue to promote excellence in customer service so that it exceeds passengers’ expectations in the years to come. We have developed new analytical tools to help airports better understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement, and we are also working on new surveys to extend this understanding to more areas, such as for arrivals passengers.    

And we will enhance our suite of tools and publications to help our members in their quest for economic sustainability. We take pride in providing a well-respected and authoritative picture of the industry through diverse ACI publications such as the Airport Economic Report, World Air Traffic Report and Global Airport Forecasting.  

I invite you to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us through this issue of Airport World that features sections from each of our heads and directors describing upcoming initiatives.  

I also invite you to join us at the 25th ACI World Annual General Assembly right here in Montréal as we plant the seeds for another successful quarter-century. 

I have no doubt that the next 25 years will bring more challenges to overcome and opportunities to seize, and that ACI will take a leading role every step of the way, speaking with one voice — the voice of the world’s airports. 

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