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Striving for excellence

Dimitri Coll, head of Airport Service Quality (ASQ), tells us more about the growth and development of ACI’s customer satisfaction benchmarking programme.

ACI’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programme is the world’s leading airport customer service measurement and benchmarking tool. 

The programme identifies and disseminates best practice methodology from the top-performing airports around the world and provides input to airports in all regions that seek more effective, efficient and profitable ways of serving the flying public. 

ACI World’s 25th Anniversary also coincides with ASQ’s 10th birthday and we are proud to report that ASQ research is in place in airports that serve more than half the world’s 7.1 billion annual passengers. 

In 2015, the programme had the highest number of participants ever recorded at 318 airports worldwide. Participation in the programme now stretches across some 80 countries and the ASQ questionnaire is currently available in 40 languages, a figure that highlights ASQ’s commitment to improving customer experience at airports regardless of location.

The ASQ programme is growing from strength to strength and has gained great momentum. As with all of the services ACI offers to the global airport industry, we actively and continually encourage commercial airports of all sizes and from every region of the world to become involved. 

Behind the scene, the ASQ department is continuously building its internal team, to help facilitate our growing membership, strengthen our core programmes and develop future products and services.

At the turn of the New Year, the ASQ Subcommittee was created as an official part of the ACI World Facilitation and Services Standing Committee. Within the ASQ Subcommittee, several specific taskforces have been formed to ensure the robust development of future services that will be able to accommodate the ever changing landscapes of airport management requirements.

ASQ is helping to shape a deeper understanding of what drives passenger satisfaction worldwide. While the core programme has remained relatively unchanged, what has evolved are the tools available to help airports analyze the data generated. 

With these enhanced tools comes the opportunity to draw more profound conclusions which can inform strategic decisions and ultimately lead to a better passenger experience.

Given the growth of the ASQ programme, the 2015 results have expanded to include the new category of ‘Best Airport by Size and Region; and, a more extensive winners’ list has allowed several airports to tie in respective categories. 

ASQ has statistically validated the winners to ensure accuracy; as such, a tie indicates that no statistical difference has been found between the scores of two or more airports. 

These enhancements effectively highlight the high proportion of worldwide airports that are focusing on customer service as a means of fostering traveler loyalty in an increasingly competitive environment.

The first of three yearly ASQ forums, has already successfully taken place in Brisbane, Australia in April 2016. The other two ASQ forums will be taking place Guayaquil (Ecuador), and Naples (Italy), in November 2016 respectively. 

We invite our airport members and World Business Partners to join us as we share best practices in the latest customer experience initiatives. 

The forums have been designed from the ground up for delegates who want to develop a deeper understanding of their customers’ wants and needs with the end goal of crafting a passenger service strategy that not only meets expectations, but also exceeds them.

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