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World in motion

ACI World’s head of Airport Service Quality (ASQ), Dimitri Coll, considers how to maximise the impact of the ASQ programme at your airport.

In 2016, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Airport Service Quality (ASQ), ACI’s world-renowned and globally established benchmarking programme that measures passenger satisfaction levels while they are travelling through airports. 

Throughout this time ASQ has helped over 300 airports worldwide manage their customer experience as well as regulators and operators, in monitoring service quality. The ASQ programme is now available in 41 languages. 

ASQ is a widespread community of airports sharing the same interest in improving the passenger experience and best practices over time. The community meets multiple times a year across the world at ASQ Forums. ‘The people behind the numbers’ was the theme for the 2016 ASQ Forums.

The ASQ programme provides airports with a wealth of data on their passengers’ needs and expectations, building a solid foundation for excellence in customer service. However, this is only half the story. At its core, ASQ is about the people behind the numbers: the seven billion passengers that move through the world’s airports every year. The 2016 Forums were designed from the ground up for delegates who wanted to develop a deeper understanding of their customers’ wants and needs with the goal of crafting a passenger service strategy that not only meets expectations, but also exceeds them.

The events are opportunities for the world’s airports and the ASQ team to discuss key findings and learning’s from the programme and how it can continue adapt to the evolving landscape of passenger satisfaction. Attendance is complimentary for airports interested in joining the programme and those that are already participating.

In addition to the Forums and the long list of standard reporting deliverables, ACI also offers a suite of value-added optional add on products for participating airports, such as: executive presentations; Comprehensive Insight Report; ACI Passenger Personas guide; and the Passenger Comment Analysis Report, which provides additional analysis and findings from the completed ASQ surveys.

– Airport executive presentations 

Airport executive presentations are designed to provide the participating airport’s management team with an executive summary of the results, analysis, benchmarking and insights for an airport from the ASQ Survey. The content is specifically tailored and the presentation is provided in person by market research professionals ready to discuss opportunities for improvement.

– Comprehensive Insight report 

Produced annually, the Comprehensive Insight Report provides a thorough analysis of the participating airport’s strengths and weaknesses using annual survey data. It also provides deeper insights into the factors that drive passenger satisfaction. The analysis enables the development of an action plan for improvement that prioritises initiatives and investments.

– ACI Passenger Personas guide

ACI has also developed a new guide to help airports better understand what types of passengers they serve and how best to cater to their needs. It opens up new opportunities for benchmarking that include: 

  • Breakdown of passenger personas with score
  • Participating airport’s personas versus world personas
  • Participating airport’s personas versus regional personas
  • Participating airport’s personas versus a customised panel 

The end goal of the ACI Passenger Personas guide is to support the design of a satisfying and memorable passenger experience that can comprehensively target customers’ needs.

Furthermore, ACI ASQ can help airports to perform a diagnosis of their customer experience management. 

– Passenger Comment Analysis Report

The Passenger Comment Analysis Report collates the passenger comments from the participating airport’s completed questionnaires. Each passenger comment is transcribed, translated, coded and categorised, allowing for more in-depth analysis and comparison over time. I invite you to get in touch with us via for more information.


On the road with ASQ

The third and final ASQ Forum of 2016 took place in Naples, Italy, at the end of November, kindly hosted by Naples International Airport operator, GESAC. 

The European regional event is the largest of the global forums and attracted an impressive 120 delegates from 60 airports and across 39 countries.

Presentations in best practices were shared from a variety of airports including Napoli, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam Schiphol, Liverpool, Gatwick, Inverness, Cork, Dublin and Toronto. Please keep an eye out for the 2017 ASQ Forum dates and locations. 

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