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Going digital in Hawaii

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) has signed a new 10-year partnership with Honolulu International Airport (HNL) to provide a comprehensive digital advertising network throughout the airport. 

It promises that its airport advertising programme will feature highly integrated, custom fixtures that complement the architecture and passenger flow at the airport. 

In addition, the advertising concession will integrate a sense of place theming that incorporates visuals to reflect the island’s unique beauty. 

CCA’s media technologies are expected to attract local, regional and global advertisers as passenger traffic at HNL continues to rise, ensuring that at least 10,000 people are always on the airport campus.

“The new advertising contract at Honolulu International Airport will generate additional revenue, which will help improve our airport facility,” says Ross Higashi, deputy director of the Airports Division of the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT). 

Up to speed in Bologna

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is to speed up immigration processing for passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport with the introduction of new self-service immigration control technology from SITA.

Using facial recognition technology to confirm that the passenger is the passport holder, SITA’s iBorders BorderAutomation ABCGates will provide passengers with a smooth ‘walk-through’ experience.

The automated border control gates (ABCGates) confirm that the passenger has an authentic, valid passport and is authorised to enter the country while fingerprint verification is also provided to further enhance security when required.

With an average processing time of under 20 seconds, this process enables eligible passengers to use self-service facilities to reduce wait times and optimize passenger flow through the airport. 

According to SITA, the ABCGates allows more than 10,000 passengers a day to clear immigration at the airport using this latest technology.

Nazareno Ventola, CEO of Bologna Airport, says: “Today, passengers increasingly demand more self-service options across their journey that help provide a quick and seamless journey through the airport. 

“SITA’s ABCGates help us meet this demand while ensuring we can accommodate an increasing number of travellers, particularly during peak arrival periods.” 

WBP Profiles


Location: Duisburg, Germany

Contact: Frank Reisewitz, Head of Business Development


W: www.krankikom.de

Krankikom brings 20 years of experience in marketing services and digital transformation within the aviation industry. Our expertise lies in the development of strategies and the application of web and mobile technologies to digitalise business processes for marketing and commercial purposes, passenger engagement and loyalty, PR, communication and knowledge transfer.


GE Aviation

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Contact: Jerry Fagerhaug, senior technical sales director


W: www.ge.com

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE, is a leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft and has a global service network to support these offerings. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, GE Aviation employs about 40,000 people and operates manufacturing, overhaul and repair facilities worldwide. It is estimated that an an aircraft powered by GE or CFM engines takes flight every two seconds.


Safe Bag SpA

Location: Gallarate, Italy

Contact: David Debach, business development director


W: www.safe-bag.com

Safe Bag is the European leader and the most innovative provider of baggage protection services. Safe Bag is also the only company in the industry listed on the Stock Exchange.

Safe Bag operates in 22 airports and 80 shops worldwide, and offers the widest value proposition in the industry (baggage protection, tracking, money-back guarantee, baggage storage and delivery, sales of travel goods, calling cards, travel assistance and more).

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