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World in motion

Sabrina Guerrieri reports on the release of the latest edition of ACI’s Airport Economics Report and a new Employee Survey for Customer Experience (ECE) and provides an update on 2017’s ASQ Forums and strengthening links with ICAO.

The latest edition of the ACI’s Airport Economics Report confirms that the financial health of the airport industry has remained intact despite the persistence of economic woes and geopolitical risks across global markets.

Revenues, costs and the resultant financial performance reflect a degree of stability over a number of years.

The ACI Airport Economics Report provides a wide variety of indicators on the economic and financial performance of the world’s airports and is essential reading for airport managers, analysts, investors and other aviation stakeholders.

As in previous years, the report consists of summaries of and commentary on industry revenues (aeronautical and non-aeronautical) by source, cost (operating and capital), and evolution over time. In addition, the publication has statistical annexes of all the key performance indicators.

Please visit www.aci.aero/Publications to learn more about it and how to order your copy.

New customer experience survey for staff

Building on its services and guidance material offered to member airports and the aviation community, ACI has also launched the Employee Survey for Customer Experience (ECE), an annual internal diagnostic and benchmarking tool that can be used for all staff working at an airport.

By measuring employee engagement through a structured questionnaire, the survey helps airports determine their readiness
in providing customer experience excellence.

The ECE is designed to:

  • Understand whether there might be a need to increase the commitment of airport staff to achieve the common goal of improving the customer experience;
  • Provide a global index which is structured around 3 determinants, 10 components and 73 questions;
  • Assess whether airport stakeholders collectively have the desire, ability and determination to deliver an outstanding customer experience;
  • Help airports prioritise areas of improvement and to support development of an action plan toward the enhancement of the overall customer experience; and,
  • Allow airports to benchmark their customer experience initiatives and share best practice with other participating airports.

Please visit http://www.aci.aero/ECE to find out more about this new initiative.

Airport Service Quality (ASQ)

The ECE is the ideal complementary tool for existing Airport Service Quality (ASQ) member airports. The ASQ programme is the only worldwide programme to survey passengers at the airport on their day of travel.

Every year, the programme delivers some 600,000 individual surveys in 41 languages in 84 countries. It measures passengers’ views on 34 key performance indicators, including airport access, check-in, security screening, restrooms, stores and restaurants.

The first ASQ Forum of 2017 took place in Haikou, Hainan, China (April 26–28) and was generously hosted by Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK). More than 230 delegates from airports, airlines, civil aviation authorities and other stakeholders gathered under the umbrella of ‘Cultivating a customer experience airport community’.

The 2017 ASQ Forum theme recognises that putting the passenger first is a shared priority among all aviation stakeholders and ACI will give focus to the role of all members of the airport community in cultivating a culture of customer service excellence.

The second and third ASQ Forums of 2017 will be hosted in Prague, the Czech Republic, on September 13-15 and in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on October 2-4.

Strengthening links with ICAO

The second quarter of 2017 saw ACI further strengthen its relationship with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on a wide range of aerodrome training services to benefit the 1,940 ACI Member Airports worldwide, and to support the 191 ICAO Member States.

The MoU will see ACI and ICAO work together to develop new joint aerodrome training programmes and courses in: general airport management; airport economics; environmental protection; operational safety; security procedures; and other subjects as they are identified.

Ready for WAGA?

Last but not least, registration is now open for the 27th ACI Africa/World Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition, taking place in Port Louis, Mauritius, on October 16–18.

Industry leaders from around the world will convene to explore solutions to a wide range of challenges under the theme ‘Bold leadership in a time of change’.

“The conference has been developed from the ground up to give delegates the chance to deliberate on issues of particular interest to airports,” said Angela Gittens, ACI World’s director general.

“In an industry where change is constant, the theme of this year’s conference recognises that airports play a crucial role in the economic and social health of communities, countries, regions and the world at large, and they must craft a strategy for their sustainable development to continue providing those benefits.” Register or learn more about the conference at www.aci-waga2017.com

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