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Upgrade for Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport

Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) has awarded NACO a design consultancy contract in connection with the planned redevelopment and expansion of Queen Beatrix International Airport.

AAA’s Gateway 2030 master plan is designed to address the airport’s capacity constraints, customer experience and sustainability to pave the way for its future growth over the coming decades.

The centrepiece of the redevelopment project will be the creation of new and expanded check-in facilities, installation of a new baggage system and upgrading the screening process to the full explosive detection systems (EDS) standards required by the TSA standards for US bound passengers.

The new baggage system will also include a full sortation capability allowing non-US bound flights to check-in with US bound flights, a move which is expected to significantly improve the airport’s operational efficiency.

Also on the agenda as part of Gateway 2030 are three additional contact gates and two bus gates; a broader selection of retail and F&B outlets; and improved amenities and passenger circulation space.

AAA’s determination to minimise the airport’s footprint on the environment means that the $300 million upgrade will include the installation of new solar panels to provide ‘green’ energy and the introduction of an automated building management system for lighting and cooling based on the occupancy. It is hoped that this will earn the project LEED Silver accreditation.

“We are confident that NACO’s expertise will ensure a greener and more user-friendly expanded airport,” said AAA’s CEO, James Fazio. 

Istanbul New Airport to boast intelligent airfield

ADB SAFEGATE is to provide 35,000 intelligent LED airfield runway and taxiway lights and a host of visual aids for Istanbul New Airport, which is set to open in late 2018 and is expected to eventually become the world’s biggest gateway handling in excess of 200 million passengers yearly.

In addition to the world’s biggest installation of airfield ground lighting (AGL), ADB SAFEGATE will also supply and commission all visual aids including transistor regulators, transformers, approach solutions (flashers, PAPI, approach lighting), energy efficient power solutions and mounting equipment.

Its solution will equip the taxiway system with full switching ability and the addition of a single and double channel Individual Light Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS).

With intelligence built into each light fixture, the ILCMS will control the lights individually or by defined segments, rather than selected circuits, providing large gains in power savings and making maintenance easier and more cost effective.

The state-of-the-art intelligent lighting will also allow increased flexibility in guidance and routing.

The contract, with airport operator IGA, was signed in September 2016 and will lead to deliveries throughout this year and into 2018.

“Innovation, efficiency and safety are imperative to ensure that the airport is congestion-free and traffic flows smoothly, even in adverse conditions,” said Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO, İGA Airports Construction.

“With ADB SAFEGATE working closely with us right from the design review to implementation, we know that together we can truly deliver seamless and future-proof operations.” 

WBP Profiles


Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Contact: Dawn Nash Pfeiffer, chief marketing officer
W: www.sdipresence.com

Mission-critical systems integrator SDI delivers intelligent technology solutions to ensure client operational performance, security and revenue generation. With a 20-year corporate resume, SDI addresses the higher IT demands of critical environments to deliver high-availability systems, enhanced security and risk mitigation strategies. SDI is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with a portfolio of clients that includes some of the US’s largest airports, commercial real estate portfolios, and national banks and financial services organisations. SDI delivers deep technical expertise with an agile delivery model focused on complete customer satisfaction.


Location: Aars, Denmark
Contact: Michael Saunders, director of business development aviation, data capture
W: www.lyngsoesystems.com

Lyngsoe Systems has long-running experience within radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions within the aviation industry. Being a world leader in electronic logistics control for over 40 years, we support the entire end-to-end baggage journey with cutting-edge intelligent RFID products to improve baggage quality and increase
passenger satisfaction.


Location: Norfolk, VA, USA
Contact: Heather Wood, ports market sector leader
W: www.KenndyJenks.com

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants provides engineering and scientific solutions for water, environmental, energy and innovative projects to public agencies and private utilities, industry and business, federal programmes and transportation clients. We are employee owned, with offices throughout the United States.

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