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Enhancing the customer experience

Europe’s biggest Airport, London Heathrow, has announced that it will launch AOE’s OM³ suite as a significant step in transforming the airports digital experience.

OM³, or Omnichannel Multi-Merchant Marketplace, is a comprehensive suite which multi-retailer venues such as airports can use to digitalise their non-aviation revenues, thus providing their customers a unified and seamless online and offline experience.

Heathrow will strengthen its digital services and infrastructure to create a simple process for the 300 brands to share their products with customers, leading to greater choice within the current Reserve and Collect service.

In addition to providing a sophisticated, convenient on-and offline shopping experience, the OM³ Suite will ultimately integrate with numerous additional features including loyalty programmes, lounge access, parking and VIP services.

And another feature of the platform is the capability to provide passengers with real-time information, helping make the most of their time in the terminals.

AOE CEO, Kian Gould, comments: “We are especially excited to be part of Heathrow Airport’s strategy to digitalise their entire business model to benefit both passengers and employees.

“As one of the world’s most important airports, Heathrow is at the forefront of the aviation industry, continuously innovating to improve its offering. Our goal is to be a long-term partner in this effort to enhance the passenger experience.”

The airport’s retail and service proposition director, Chris Annetts, says: “We have a long-term vision to deliver a seamless digital experience for all our passengers, both inside the airport and in the comfort of their homes.” 

Melbourne Airports turns to TIBCO Solutions

TIBCO Software Inc has announced that Melbourne Airport has deployed its integration, API management, and analytic solutions to ensure that it has real-time information in support of unprecedented visibility into airport operational systems.

Previously challenged with a silo-based heterogenic system landscape where each element of information had resided in a different silo, the gateway set out to combine events and information held in different systems into an intuitive and user friendly interface to enhance operational awareness.

Melbourne Airport’s new Situation Awareness Platform ties together distributed systems and provides operators, planners, managers, and external providers with real-time information to support collaborative decision-making, resource-planning, and identification of incidents which affect the customer journey and overall quality of airport service.

In addition to deploying TIBCO’s API-based architecture and enterprise-ready ESB platform, Melbourne Airport has deployed a number of other TIBCO solutions.

“The systems have established a strong foundation for the continuing integration of information and operational technologies allowing proactive, and in the future, predictive operations, in line with our vision of being a ‘smart’ airport,” says Vic Raymond, Melbourne Airport’s ICT strategy, planning and architecture manager.

“We now have the technology to have a visual overview of real-time operational activities which are occurring at the airport.”

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