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Global Bazaar opens for business

United Airlines and OTG have opened a new expansive food hall in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport which they claim transforms itself during the day to meet the changing needs of the gateway’s customers.

The new ‘Global Bazaar’ features a wide variety of vibrant offerings sourced from New York’s diverse and globally-inspired food culture, in addition to its market offering of news, gift and locally sourced retail.

And after the breakfast rush departs, the Global Bazaar’s space automatically adapts to accommodate the lunch and dinner crowd.

“Developing the best possible experience for Terminal C’s travellers required a lot of imagination from our design, culinary and tech teams,” says OTG’s CEO, Rick Blatstein.

“This space is truly the first of its kind – the Bazaar changes as we move through the day. Its unique and immersive design, intuitive technology and, of course, great food is something we are incredibly proud to offer to United customers.” 

Ezeiza International Airport unveils its new eGates

Buenos Aires-Ezeiza International Airport has become the latest gateway to deploy Vision-Box’s Automated Border Control (ABC) solution to enhance the processing and airport experience of arriving passengers.

Initially just for use by Argentinian citizens but due to expanded to other nationalities in the future, the new eGates make it possible to clear border control in just 17 seconds, which would dramatically cut queues in Arrivals.

“The biometric eGates will not only speed up the transit time of travellers but also allow us to gather more accurate information of those entering and exiting Argentine territory using digital technology,” says Argentina’s Minister of the Interior Affairs, Public Works and Housing, Rogelio Frigerio.

He added that the installation of the border control system is fulfilling the government’s goal of “speeding up border crossings to encourage tourism and investment in the country, while at the same time improving security levels”.

Vision-Box’s Group CEO, Miguel Leitmann, says: “This project is part of our continuing mission of making positive contributions to the safety and security of people the world over.

“I am extremely pleased that with the installation of the ABC system at Ezeiza Airport and the planned expansion, Vision-Box is able to improve the quality of Argentinian smart border services and increase traveller’s access to them using trusted digital identification technologies.” 

WBP Profiles


Location: Hyvinkää, Finland

Contact: Calin Mihai Hera, senior marketing communications specialist


W: www.kone.com/airports

KONE is an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry. Our aim is to make the best of the world’s cities and public spaces, and our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. When people are travelling – whether long distances or simply commuting to work –
we want to make sure they can move around efficiently and easily, and have a great experience.

Together with our partners and customers around the world, we understand the needs of the people who use airports, transport hubs, and metro stations of all shapes and sizes. Through our People Flow Planning and Consulting services, we can analyse how people move vertically and horizontally and provide recommendations on how to optimise these flows to reduce waiting times and ensure the best possible end-user experience.

We deliver innovative and eco-efficient solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and which add value throughout the lifecycle of their building, including elevators, escalators, and doors, as well as 24/7 connected services. Our solutions can be seen in action in major transportation hubs around the world – such as London, Beijing, Delhi, and Singapore – helping people reach their destinations safely and efficiently. 


Location: Warsaw, Poland

Contact: Kris Nalbantov, head of international operations


W: www.justwifi.pl

JustWIFI is a technology which monetises your airport Wi-Fi network by turning it into innovative and premium advertising channel. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing airport infrastructure. We are integrated into 11 airports and another 3k locations in Europe, providing five million users annually with engaging content. In addition, JustWIFI gives the opportunity for out-of-home airport advertising companies to tap into new revenue streams.


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