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PASSENGER SERVICES Last modified on October 17, 2013

Parking success for DAA

DAA, the owner of Dublin Airport, hasn’t looked back since launching its parking consulting services, car parks | daa, in 2011, undertaking assignments at a number of airports in the United States, the UK and Greece.

Driving the new consultancy is Dublin Airport’s ‘revenue growth model’ with its emphasis on a commercial approach to growing top line parking revenues while focusing on improved value and service levels for customers.

According to DAA, this new approach has shifted the traditional focus from car parking as a cost based service to a commercial, revenue enhancing and core business for the airport operator.

Car parks | daa has identified growth opportunities ranging from $2 million to $20 million per annum for client airports.

Some of these opportunities are said to include: creating the ability to compete aggressively with the off-airport operators to win market share and rebuild customer loyalty for the airport; promoting modal switching, such as, from taxis to driving and parking on-airport; investing in customer research – segmenting  the market and offering value tailored products at attractive prices to key groups; and, understanding the off-airport competition and monitoring them more closely.

Large and medium sized US airports are generating an average of about 20% of their operating revenues from car parking and ground transportation – an average of $4 per emplaning passenger.

The range varies from less than $1.80 to almost $11.00 per enplaning passenger depending on the airport. The obvious conclusion is that the potential for parking revenue growth is significant at those airports underperforming.

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