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PASSENGER SERVICES Last modified on October 17, 2013

Lighting up Detroit Metro

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is to replace all 6,050 lights in its parking structures and increase the number of fixtures by 19%, while still saving 66% on its annual electric bill by switching to light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

The anticipated annual reduction of energy consumption by more than 7,345,000 kilowatt hours in combination with reduced labour and material costs will save Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) approximately $1.2 million (at current electric rates) every year. 

According to the airport, the existing lights need to be replaced on average once every 13 months whereas the new Cooper LED lights are guaranteed to meet minimum lighting levels for ten years. 

“This project will produce multiple desirable outcomes,” enthuses WCAA CEO, Tom Naughton. “It will improve the lighting in our parking facilities, reduce energy consumption, save on maintenance costs and shrink our carbon footprint.”

In addition to the new fixtures, the project incorporates Smart Light Controls in both parking structures which sense activity in the facilities and observe ambient light levels allowing the airport to gain even more savings by reducing lighting levels during times when no activity occurs.

“Airport consultants believe this may be the largest single conversion from incandescent lighting to LED ever achieved in the nation,” says WCAA’s director of infrastructure and engineering, Ali Dib. 

“The energy saved in this project is equivalent to powering 880 US households for one year, and the reduction of 7,000 metric tons of CO2 per year is equal to taking 1,350 passenger vehicles off the road.”

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