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PASSENGER SERVICES Last modified on January 16, 2014

Putting the passenger first

Caroline Cook finds out more about the launch of a new global initiative designed to showcase the efforts airports are making to improve the passenger experience. 

To celebrate the best examples of airports putting travellers first, ACI has created a new initiative that provides the platform for airports to communicate their commitment to improving the passenger experience and responding to traveller needs.

Called ‘PassengersPlus’, it also gives passengers the opportunity to submit testimonials and stories on their experiences at particular airports.

Angela Gittens, ACI World’s director general, explains: “We want people to know that airport operators are committed to making things better for passengers.

“In an era where cutbacks and automation are the order of the day, efforts to share stories of putting the passenger first are important for airports, their passengers and other stakeholders.”

 PassengersPlus divides airport initiatives into nine categories: entertainment and recreation; community and social services; tourism and culture; children and youth services; convenience through technology; religious and spiritual worship; airport design; education and learning; and sports.

Gittens continues: “These stories reiterate the message that since the beginning of aviation, airports have been a part of the communities they serve, and have an unwavering desire to improve the treatment of airline passengers as valued residents and visitors.”

 PassengersPlus is completely free of charge and, as Airport World went to press, more than 70 stories and videos from around the world had contributed to the initiative.

“I invite, and indeed encourage, all ACI members to share their positive passenger support stories, which we will use to help all airports fully earn the credit they rightfully deserve,” urges Gittens.

 If you think your airport deserves recognition for its efforts in passenger experience, head over to www.aci.aero/paxplus to submit your story.

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