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Monday, 25 June 2012 15:22

"Unmistakably Scandinavian"duty free opens at Billund

Written by  Steven Thompson

Billund Airport has opened up its new walkthrough duty free area.

Billund Airport has opened up its new walkthrough duty free area.

The store at the Denmark airport boasts 700sqm of retail space and a distinctive “Northern Lights” design.

Prominence is given to perfume and cosmetics on the right side and drinks, tobacco and confectionery to the left.

The shopping space has retained the airport’s existing timber flooring for the main walkway and with light polished porcelain floor tiles on either side.

Project director, Nick Taylor, of The Design Solution, said: “Key to what we set out to do conceptually was to create a store with a subtle sense of place and an overall simplicity, in which passengers would feel relaxed, unperturbed and enjoy the experience.

“Given the void over the centre of the store and the requirement to light the products beneath, we developed the idea of “The Northern Lights” by creating an undulating pair of rafts which flow from the entrance, under a bridge and out to the lounge.”

Taylor said the design was “unmistakably Scandinavian”.

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