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London City Airport has welcomed a new concession after British retailer Boots took up residence in its departure lounge.

Melbourne Airport says it welcomes the Victorian government’s commitment to an airport rail link in this year’s state budget.

Passengers departing from Hong Kong International Airport now have a new casual dining F&B option to frequent after a FoodPlaza…

Traffic surges have been reported by airports across the world although some notable gateways have announced drops.

Glass in an array of artistic forms will be soon on show at an art exhibition at Denver International Airport.

A Heathrow firefighter has blazed his way to the world record for completing a marathon in full uniform in the…

The European Parliament has adopted a new regulation on the establishment of rules and procedures with regard to the introduction of…

Frankfurt Airport’s Facebook page has reached 200,000 likes while its coverage on other social media sites continues to surge.

Miami International Airport welcomed the gleaming Jules Rimet Trophy yesterday as part of a FIFA World Cup tour.

Media outlets in Japan are reporting further details of the privatisation process of Kansai and Osaka airports by state-owned operator…

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) has reported a ‘vibrant’ growth rate of 13% in March, despite a decline in the…

A trip to Brisbane Airport has become much easier for passengers’ travelling with Guide Dogs and assistance animals after dedicated…

The Australian government has given the green light to construction of a long-standing proposed second airport for Sydney in Badgerys…

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