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ACI NEWS Last modified on December 21, 2012

Angela Gittens, view from the top. Issue 6, 2012

ACI director general, Angela Gittens reflects on the importance of non-aeronautical revenues and looks forward to the first major event of 2013, The Trinity Forum.

The year gets off to a strong start with The Trinity Forum 2013 hosted by the Abu Dhabi Airports Company from January 29-31. 

The Middle East’s vibrant and growing aviation market is an ideal backdrop for this conference focused on a vibrant and growing segment of the industry.

The Trinity Forum, a joint venture of ACI and The Moodie Report, is the only international airport conference that joins the trinity of airports, retailers and brands to inform of best practice and innovations that have proven to lead to increased sales, revenue and passenger satisfaction for airports around the world. 

As we know, in this era of challenging financial conditions, and the continued need for infrastructure development, the importance of non-aeronautical revenue is greater than ever.

The percentage of non-aeronautical revenue in 2010 was just under 47% worldwide, with some regions achieving greater than 50% and some airports achieving greater than 70%. As I travel around the world, it is clear to me that we can do more and The Trinity Forum can help show the way.

The Forum’s theme this year is ‘Thought Leadership in Travel Retail’ and we will bring before the participants the top movers and shakers in all three parts of the trinity. 

Retail is as dynamic a business as aviation itself, with consumer trends ever changing and customer expectations ever growing. To be successful, the airport has to forge the right partnerships with retailers and brands. To be successful, the airport retailers must respect and understand the needs of the airport market and work in partnership with the airport operator and brands. And to be successful, the brand manufacturers must get comfortable with the airport platform and work in partnership with retailers and airport operators. 

The development and cultivation of this dynamic relationship is what keeps delegates to the Trinity Forum returning for more. 

And as productive and enlightening as the business programme will be, I also look forward to a spectacular social programme with our host fully up to the challenge of delivering the hospitality we have come to expect at The Trinity Forum. And, the weather will be beautiful. 

Clearly, Abu Dhabi is the place to be if you want to increase sales and revenue. 

I hope to see you there. 

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