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ACI NEWS Last modified on February 14, 2017

ACI World director general named as recipient of prestigious trophy

ACI World’s director general, Angela Gittens, has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 National Aeronautic Association’s (NAA) Cliff Henderson Trophy.

Permanently displayed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the Henderson Trophy was established in 1960 to honor Clifford W Henderson, the creator and managing director of the world-renowned National Air Races.

Henderson’s work stimulated a generation’s interest in aviation and challenged the state of the art in aviation development.

The trophy is awarded to “…a living individual, group of individuals, or an organisation whose vision, leadership or skill made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion and advancement of aviation and aerospace in the United States.”

Previous recipients include Colonel Joseph Kittinger, Marion Blakey, The United States Air Force Academy, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Lieutenant General James H Doolittle, Senator Barry M. Goldwater, Clarence L. 'Kelly' Johnson, Scott Crossfield and the 2016 recipient, George Carneal.

“Angela has been a game changer everywhere she has been,” stated Greg Principato, president and CEO, NAA.

“Because of her work, aviation in the United States and around the world is safer, more secure and more efficient for all users.”

Gittens remarked: “I am deeply honoured to be awarded the 2017 Cliff Henderson Trophy and to be in the company of such an august body of former recipients.

“This is one of the most prestigious and long standing awards in the aviation industry and I am humbled that the NAA should select me for the 2017 award.”

NAA will present the trophy to Gittens at an NAA luncheon on April 20, 2017, in Arlington, Virginia.

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