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ACI NEWS Last modified on May 9, 2018

leaders panel unveiled for ACI World/Europe Annual Conference in Brussels

Some of the airport industry's biggest names will take part in a leadership panel at the upcoming 28th Europe/World Annual General Assembly, Conference and Exhibition in Brussels.

On stage for the Airport Leaders Symposium in Brussels will be:

• Bongani Maseko, CEO, Airports Company South Africa and chair of ACI World
• Arnaud Feist, CEO, Brussels Airport Company
• Dr Michael Kerkloh, CEO, Munich International Airport and president, ACI Europe
• Thomas Woldbye, CEO, Copenhagen Airport
• Joseph Lopano, CEO, Tampa International Airport
• Martin Eurnekian, Executive Director, Corporacion America, and vice-chair, ACI World
• Fred Lam, CEO, Airport Authority Hong Kong.

This year’s conference theme is 'Airports as Brands and Businesses' and aims to address to the consequences of the ongoing evolution of the airport industry into companies building brand relationships with air travellers.

The event will also expose the challenges facing the aviation industry to respond to the increasing need for additional airport capacity to accommodate the growth in the global demand for air services. 

Conference attendees will hear and discuss how leaders in the industry plan to meet this demand so as to enable communities around the world to reap the vital economic and social benefits that aviation brings. 
And how will airports do this while achieving the utmost in environmental stewardship, customer service and remain financially viable?

Other aviation stakeholders will also participate in sessions, including airline CEOs from Lufthansa, Norwegian and Ethiopian Airlines, as well as technology companies, regulators and intergovernmental organisations.

“Our assembly provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders from all regions of the world to share their expertise and experience and debate and explore ways we can continue to adapt and grow," says ACI World director general, Angela Gittens.

"ACI is the only truly global voice for the airports industry and our assembly is the perfect venue to foster dialogue among airports as well as with stakeholders in the aviation industry as a whole."
Olivier 2
While ACI Europe's director general. Olivier Jankovec, comments: “We are delighted to have this joint event in our hometown this year, in collaboration with the excellent team at Brussels Airport.

"The global nature of this year’s participation makes it an unmissable event for airport senior management.

"Europe may be a mature aviation market, but it is also a highly competitive one in which airports are constantly looking for the next innovation.

"Ahead of us, the challenges abound including capacity constraints, airline consolidation, squaring the circle of sustainability and preparing for Brexit – so this year’s conference will a major opportunity for knowledge exchange between airports and others in the air transport sector on a wide range of topics."

Other sessions will address private investments and societal benefits, digital transformation, and the airport brand proposition.

See the full programme and register.

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