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ACI NEWS Last modified on November 8, 2018

World in motion

ACI reports on the success of the inaugural Customer Excellence Global Summit and launch of a new policy brief which stresses the importance of resilience and encourages airports to develop climate change adaptation plans.

This year, ACI, in collaboration with stakeholders and partners has made real progress in its priority areas and the global voice of airports is committed to continue on building partnerships and strong ties with aviation regulators and airports around the world.

The transition to the 2018 northern fall and winter seasons was headlined by the successful organisation of the first ACI Customer Excellence Global Summit, superbly hosted by Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

The event included an ASQ training session, the traditional ASQ Forum as well as the Summit, which was attended by more than 400 delegates from around the globe.

One of the highlights was the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards Ceremony sponsored by Aon Risk Solution. It was an appropriate setting for sharing ideas, celebrating successes and for recognising the top performers in customer service according to the passengers themselves. The awards honoured the achievements of airports in 2017 and included 15 first-time winner airports.

The event was organised around the theme of ‘Delivering the best experience’, which was a timely subject for airports as they contend with an increase in air travel demand and customer expectations. We are already planning the next edition of the Summit that will allow our members to continue exploring solutions towards delivering the best experience.

New policy brief

For aviation as an industry, safety and security remain paramount. Avoiding, minimising and mitigating environmental impacts are increasingly being recognised as equally crucial and a fundamental pillar of the industry.

As part of its commitment to maximising the contribution of airports to maintaining and developing a safe, secure, environmentally compatible and efficient air transport system, ACI has recently published a policy brief to encourage airports to conduct risk assessments, consider various adaptation measures, and develop mitigation measures for the potential impact of climate change on infrastructure and operations.

The Airports’ Resilience and Adaptation to a Changing Climate policy brief was produced to help airport operators better understand the risks related to more adverse and more frequent adverse weather events. It provides guidance in conducting risk assessments to define their adaptation plans for operations and for existing and new infrastructure.

The brief includes case studies from airports in Norway, Australia, Hong Kong, Istanbul, the Netherlands and Singapore. It also provides recommendations, and an extensive listing of potential climate stressors and their related potential impact on infrastructure and operations with a non-exhaustive list of airports that have already started to work on resilience and adaptation to climate change.

“Improving operational resilience and adapting to the predicted effects of climate change has been a priority for airports around the world for quite some time but recent events have brought this into even sharper focus,” says ACI World director general, Angela Gittens.

“It is well understood that climate change could have far-reaching effects and airports are certainly not immune to them. The aim of this policy brief is to provide airports with practical information, advice and real-life examples that they can use to examine their own practices.

“Each airport can then make decisions on how they may introduce, improve, or adapt their own procedures and resilience plans that best suit their infrastructure and local conditions.”

ACI members passed a resolution on resilience and adaptation to climate change at the World Annual General Assembly in Brussels in June 2018, recognising the potential impact of climate change on airport infrastructure and operations. This policy brief addresses many of the resolution’s intentions.

The brief was launched at the Air Transport Action Group’s recent Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva, where ACI provided an update on its Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

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