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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 |

Fraport AG reports positive growth for 2013

Executive chairman of global airport operator Fraport AG, is positive that the group is heading in the right direction.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 |

Airports Commission calls for action on new infrastructure plans

Airports Commission chairman, Sir Howard Davies, is looking for some quick decisions on the possible expansion options for the UK to ease the fears of local communities.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 |

Asean Open Skies initiative needs Indonesian participation – aviation academic

An Asian aviation expert has warned the impact of the Asean Open Skies initiative will be limited unless Indonesia is included in the scheme.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 |

Bordeaux sees record traffic increase for July

Bordeaux Airport has recorded its highest passenger traffic figures to date with almost half a million passengers passing through the airport in July this year.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 |

Middle East boosts passenger traffic by 4%

Despite slow growth rates annually, June saw a 4% increase in passenger traffic with Middle Eastern Airports leading the 3.2% year-on-year increase.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 |

Australia's deputy prime minister admits that Sydney needs a new airport

Australia’s deputy prime minister has said the decision about a new Sydney airport must be “above politics”.

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 |

Screening process introduced at Washington and Indianapolis

The TSA Pre✓™ service will allow more US customers to be screened and cleared before arriving at the airport and minimise the time taken to pass through security.

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 |

Luton introduces mobile website to match customer demand

London Luton has teamed up with a mobile marketing company to launch an optimized mobile version of its website, m.london-luton.co.uk.

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 |

Atlanta opens its first open-to-all VIP lounge

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has opened its first ‘common use’ lounge this month, which will allow passengers on any international flight access to VIP services for a small fee.

Monday, 05 August 2013 |

Heathrow gains noise-cutting A380 enclosures

British Airways (BA) has taken charge of two ground run enclosures (GREs) at London Heathrow for testing A380 engines with the minimal noise disturbance for nearby communities.

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