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NEWS Last modified on August 12, 2010

MAG reshuffle

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has named Penny Coates as its new...

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has named Penny Coates as its new chief operating officer.

The move follows the appointment of Charlie Cornish as the group’s new chief executive and Andrew Harrison as his replacement as managing director of Manchester Airport earlier this summer.

In her new role, Coates will be responsible for bringing together the management MAG’s four UK airports – Manchester, East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside.

Penny Coates says: “Our airports already hold every major travel industry award but if we are to retain our leading position, we have to focus on the areas that matter to our passengers and airlines from security to sustainability. MAG has an exceptional and experienced team across our four airports and by working closely together we can take this business to the next stage in its development.”

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