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NEWS Last modified on August 12, 2010

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Heathrow has celebrated press photographer Dennis Stone’s 64-year association with the gateway by...

Heathrow has celebrated press photographer Dennis Stone’s 64-year association with the gateway by publishing a book of his favourite pictures taken at the airport over the years and staging a month-long exhibition of his work in Terminal 5.

Entitled 'A Life At The Airport: A Heathrow Photographer’, the book and exhibition features a host of celebrities ranging from film stars and pop icons to royalty.

Dennis, 78, started life at Heathrow as a messenger boy when he was 14 before becoming one of the airport’s resident press photographers and, remarkably, still works three days a week today.

Heathrow CEO, Colin Matthews, comments: “These days it is unusual to work in one place for 20 years let alone 64. Dennis has witnessed phenomenal advances in aviation and has photographed Heathrow's transformation from a small airfield to one of the world's busiest hubs for global connections.  There have been thousands of notable events, but surely it is the personalities travelling through Heathrow every day, which have provided such a rich source of images and emotions.”

More than 5,000 exclusive copies of the book will be handed out to passengers passing through Heathrow during August.

Dennis Stone.

Paul McCartney. “Paul didn’t mind his kids being photographed in the early days. This is in the BOAC era when they’d disembark planes onto the tarmac. Paul’s always been very pleasant to me and Linda was lovely too. This must be in the late 1970s. Paul’s a great family man and would travel a lot with them.”

Richard Attenborough

“Lord Attenborough is the most charming man ever. I think he’s saying hello here. He’s a professional and will always say, ‘Where shall I stand?’ I have another picture of him when he won three awards for Gandhi. We went to meet him off the plane and we asked him if he had the awards and he said ‘Yes, they’re in this case’. He got them out and they were all wrapped in newspaper.”

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