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NEWS Last modified on August 13, 2010

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Logistics giant the Hanjin Group has opened the new cargo terminal at...

Logistics giant the Hanjin Group has opened the new cargo terminal at Navoi International Airport in Uzbekistan which will make the gateway its Central Asian logistics hub.

Korea’s Hanjin Group has co-managed the gateway with the Uzbekistan government since January 2009 in a move designed to transform the gateway into a logistics force for the region.

Hanjin’s ‘Navoi Project’ includes modernising the airport’s key facilities, expanding its global air cargo network and constructing a state-of-the-art logistics complex.

“The new Navoi Cargo Terminal has been designed based on the Korean Air’s state-of-the-art cargo terminals at Incheon International Airport,” says Chang Hoon Chi, president and COO of Korean Air. “The Navoi Cargo Terminal is set to become the centre of the modern day “Silk Road” with its advanced airport infrastructure.

“Korean Air will spare no effort in supporting the growth of Navoi into Central Asia’s best logistics hub, expanding global network and practicing aggressive marketing strategies as Korean Air participates in the airport management,” he added.

With construction underway since December 2008, the newly unveiled Navoi Cargo Terminal has been developed as part of the project to modernise airport infrastructure for Uzbekistan.

The complex, which has a total floor space of 160,382 square feet on a 1.46 million square feet site, is designed to handle 100,000 tonnes of cargo a year. With future expansion it will be equipped to handle 500,000 tonnes of cargo per annum.

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