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NEWS Last modified on August 18, 2010

Wonder wall

Las Vegas–McCarran International Airport can add another first to its list of “being first” in technology now that...

Las Vegas–McCarran International Airport can add another first to its list of “being first” in technology now that an accord with Samsung has been approved by the Clark County Board of Commissioners.

Under the agreement, Samsung will provide 130 46-inch liquid crystal display screens that will be engineered to create four separate video walls at the nation’s seventh-busiest airport.

“McCarran has a reputation in the industry for harnessing the power of technology to enhance customer service,” said director of Aviation Randall Walker. “The dynamic nature of this landmark digital video network will allow us to communicate information to our customers in an eye-catching format.”

Once the panoramic video displays take shape later this year, McCarran will be the first airport to feature a state-of-the-art video wall of this kind. The largest display will be installed at McCarran’s D Concourse rotunda. According to Samsung officials, the 100-screen tiled formation will be the largest in a US airport, measuring 33 feet by 19 feet. The visual catch comes from the ultra-thin frame around each monitor that gives the appearance that the tiled formation is one solid piece. Three smaller video walls will each use 10 screens to create 6-foot-by-9-foot displays that will be located at the A, B and C concourses.

In exchange for the 130 high definition LCDs, which hold a price tag of more than $570,000, Samsung will brand each display. “Samsung is a world leader in display technology and we saw this as a great opportunity to display our product in a world-class airport that attracts visitors from around the world,” says Doug Albregts, vice president of sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “We are proud to partner with McCarran International Airport and showcase our innovative video wall.”

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