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NEWS Last modified on August 20, 2010

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A new global survey has ranked Manchester Airport in the UK as the world’s number one airport on Twitter.

Airport social media firm, AirGate Solutions, found that there are currently 143 airports in the world using Twitter as an official passenger service, and rated Manchester the best because it is the most active and engaged of them all.

It narrowly beat London Heathrow to top spot and London Gatwick was ranked fifth, otherwise all the other top ten positions were filled by US gateways – Boston Logan, Baltomore-Washington, Orlando, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St Paul and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Manchester Airport became the first UK airport to officially launch a Twitter stream, in February 2009 and it currently over 9,300 followers.

Russell Craig, Manchester Airport’s head of external communications says: “It’s fantastic to receive this recognition. During our recent experiences with snow and the volcanic ash cloud, Twitter became a vital channel.

"Updates were posted as they happened, enabling those following the airport to get the latest information at the same time as the news organisations – even Sky News was taking live updates from our Twitter stream to use its website and TV channel.”

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