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NEWS Last modified on November 21, 2011

New hotel for Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport has announced plans to open a new four-star hotel in late 2012.

Sydney Airport has announced plans to open a new four-star hotel in late 2012.

The A$68 million complex will be built at the airport’s revamped International Terminal by the Denwol Group and operated by Rydges Hotels. 

Construction will commence shortly outside the International Terminal in Sydney Airport and is expected to substantially complete by late 2012.

It will boast 317 rooms, a bar, restaurant and gym to meet growing demand from passengers for convenient and immediate access to the International Terminal at Sydney Airport.

Airport CEO, Kerrie Mather, says: “Sydney Airport has a direct role in the promotion of tourism in Sydney, NSW and Australia and the development of a new four-star hotel will enhance Sydney as a premier destination for inbound tourism to Australia.

“We continue to invest in projects that we see as enhancing Sydney Airport as a world class airport experience and to expand our range of services to meet the needs of passengers, family and friends.

“For the airport to strengthen its business performance, it must continue to improve the services and products it provides to passengers.  Investment in a new hotel will give further choice in accommodation options close to the airport."

Adds Mather: “Sydney Airport is Australia's major international gateway for inbound international tourism and we strive to promote a coordinated strategy in partnership with tourism bodies and the state and federal government to promote inbound tourism."

Last year, 11.4 million passengers used the gateway's International Terminal, a 23% increase on 9.2 milion that passed through it in 2005.

The new hotel will be developed by the Denwol Group, a diversified Australian property group involved in the development and management of hospitality, commercial and residential assets.

Rydges Hotels and Resorts is owned and operated by leading Australian entertainment, hospitality and leisure company Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL). AHL boasts a dynamic group of hotels located across Australia, New Zealand , Dubai and London.

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