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NEWS Last modified on November 29, 2011

Toronto Pearson appoints new CEO

Howard Eng has been appointed president and CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).

Howard Eng has been appointed president and CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Eng, originally from Canada, will take up his role at Toronto Pearson International Airport in the first quarter of 2012.

He will be returning to Canada having worked at Hong Kong International Airport as executive director of airport operations since 1995.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, he worked as vice president of operations at Edmonton International Airport, both with Transport Canada and the Edmonton Airport Authority.

Eng said: “As a proud Canadian, I am very excited to be coming home. To be given the chance to implement the hub strategy and to lead Canada's flagship airport is an exceptional career opportunity.

“We will focus on the guest experience and relationships with our airlines and partners to maximize the return from the investment that has been made at Toronto Pearson.”

The airport said that Lloyd McCoomb, Toronto Pearson’s current CEO, will remain in office for the time being to assist with the transition to Eng.

Marilynne Day-Linton, chair of the board of directors at GTAA, added: “Howard brings a wealth of experience to Toronto Pearson. 

“We are very excited that he is coming to Toronto to lead our team and to help make the airport the premier entry point into North America.

“Under his leadership, we will continue to focus on operational excellence and customer service.”

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