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NEWS Last modified on February 22, 2012

Facelift planned for Norfolk International Airport's passenger terminal

Virginia's Norfolk International Airport has announced plans to modernise its passenger terminal.

Virginia's Norfolk International Airport has announced plans to modernise its passenger terminal.

The US gateway's determination to "extend the life of the existing terminal facility and enhance the overall passenger experience" has led it to recruit Gresham, Smith and Partners (GS&P) to provide architectural planning and design services for the project.

"Our airport is the gateway to aouth-eastern Virginia, and these terminal modifications will better enable us to provide a welcoming and enjoyable experience to those traveling through our region," says Wayne Shank, executive director, Norfolk Airport Authority.

To ease congestion and support the introduction of advanced screening technology, the design will include expansion of the security checkpoint. 

In an effort to introduce more natural light and create a more dynamic facility experience, a skylight is being designed in the Departures building.

Energy-efficient glazing will be specified to minimise the impact to the HVAC system and support the overall sustainability efforts of the airport.

Interior environments including flooring, walls and escalators will be modified using a timeless palette of materials that are durable and support ease of maintenance.

Exterior sidewalks and walkways will be enhanced to add visual interest and improve safety.

"Through these refurbishment efforts, we aim to create a more efficient facility that is easy to maintain, supports the airport's interest in environmental stewardship and helps the Airport to be preferred by air travellers in the region," says David King, AIA, division vice president, Gresham, Smith and Partners.

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