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NEWS Last modified on March 2, 2012

New report reveals Sydney will need a second gateway by 2030

Sydney will need another airport by 2030 if it is to keep growing at is current pace, a new Australian government commissioned study reveals.

Sydney will need another airport by 2030 if it is to keep growing at is current pace, a new Australian government commissioned study reveals.

It also identifies Badgerys Creek in south-west Sydney as the most logical and cost effective location for the new gateway, despite the current government’s insistence that it has ruled it out and will shortly begin planning studies to develop a site in Wilton.

In the meantime, the Joint Study on Aviation Capacity for the Sydney Region recommends lifting the movement cap at Sydney Airport from 80 to 85 aircraft movements per hour and improving ground access to the gateway to better equip it to cope with future demand.

Sydney Airport welcomed the report’s recommendation to maximise efficiency and access to Sydney Airport.

“We welcome the report’s finding that Sydney Airport will remain the number one airport for the Sydney region and Australia,” says Sydney Airport’s chief executive, Kerrie Mather.

“Based on long-term trends in the growth of passengers and aircraft, Sydney Airport’s new vision concept could provide capacity over a significantly longer period than is forecast in the report.

“At the same time, aviation is becoming more efficient – we have seen passengers increase more than 40% over the past 12 years with virtually no increase in the number of flights.

“New generation aircraft like the A380 are significantly quieter than the older aircraft they are replacing, so we can keep delivering passenger growth with improved environmental and noise outcomes.

“Our vision to integrate international, domestic and regional services will deliver a better experience for passengers with simpler, faster transfers and ensure more efficient operations.

“The vision also gives us an opportunity to improve traffic flow around the airport by balancing out the peaks between the current domestic and international terminals.”

Mather adds: “We have long supported improving access to the airport by encouraging greater use of public transport.

“The report makes some excellent recommendations about improving access to Sydney Airport, including reducing rail fares by removing the existing access fee to the two airport rail stations. If adopted, this will encourage regular airport users to shift from road to rail.”

Commissioned by the Australian government more than two years go, the report was prepared by state and federal bureaucrats as well as private sector representatives.

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