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NEWS Last modified on April 16, 2012

Sophisticated new baggage handling system for Calgary's new terminal

Crisplant is to provide a major new baggage handling and high-speed transfer system at Calgary International Airport.

Crisplant is to provide a major new baggage handling and high-speed transfer system at Calgary International Airport.

The contract is as part of the airport’s International Facilities Project (IFP), the single biggest expansion programme undertaken by the Calgary Airport Authority, which includes plans for a new terminal.

The new terminal will boast a fully integrated end-to-end baggage handling system (BHS) for both outbound and inbound baggage operations, including the capacity to handle oversize baggage.

With an initial capacity of 4,000 items of luggage per hour on both in- and outbound lines, the system will support Calgary’s existing 12.8 million passengers per annum, and provide capacity to meet future passenger growth forecasts up to 2025.

The new BHS will feature a unique start/stop technology, which allows sensor-controlled modules to power on and off only when the baggage totes are in operation. Crisplant claims that this, combined with a top speed of 10m/sec, makes CrisBag one of the fastest and most energy-efficient baggage-handling systems in the world.

"The new Crisplant system represents a significant step forward in leading edge but proven baggage system technology, optimised energy efficiency and lower operating costs and will enhance integration with the existing baggage handling systems," explains Bruce McFarlane, Calgary's director, air terminal development.

The completed baggage handling system is scheduled for handover in time for the opening of the IFP terminal in October 2015.

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