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NEWS Last modified on April 24, 2012

Twitter 'honour' for Gatwick

Gatwick has become the first UK airport to be listed as a trusted news source with Twitter's 'blue tick' of authority.

Gatwick has become the first UK airport to be listed as a trusted news source with Twitter’s ‘blue tick’ of authority.

Twitter has also included Gatwick in its Enhanced Profile Page roll out – a new profile design which helps brands better convey important messages to followers.

The gateway will be able to use this functionality to highlight key content in times of disruption by promoting a Tweet to the top of the airport’s timeline on the profile page, ensuring latest information and advice is easily accessible.

This will enable Gatwick to alert passengers to key Tweet content at all times, such as flight scheduling and breaking travel news.

Lindsay Baldwin, head of airport communications said: “We recognise the importance of providing accurate and timely communication – not only during times of disruption but also in responding to broader enquiries or passenger feedback. 

"Twitter provides us with an immediate and effective communications platform to do just this and we thank them for their support of our efforts.”

The UK gateway's new owners claim to have strived to introduce a more human and personal experience for passengers since acquiring Gatwick from BAA in 2009 and, as a result, is using online social tools as a way of talking and responding to customers as they pass through the airport. 

The airport runs sophisticated 24/7 Twitter customer service support, which includes the #askgatwick campaign, meaning that no matter what time of the day or night, if a passenger requires help then Gatwick can respond and, where appropriate, address it immediately.

Gatwick also claims to have been the first airport to use mobile barcodes as public information points and the first European airport to have an Instagram feed. 

Twitter facts & figures 

– During the severe UK snow in December 2010, Gatwick Twitter followers increased by a staggering 15,000, and at the height of the bad weather over 300 passenger queries were fielded every hour.

– During the ashcloud event of 2011, the Gatwick feed gained 2,000 followers and initial messages were retweeted almost 200 times.

– During the UKBA strike in November 2011 the Gatwick feed grew by 600 followers in anticipation of news about the events. Messaging about the event reached 66,450 people.

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