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NEWS Last modified on May 8, 2012

Hong Kong aims to be the world's greenest airport

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) and 40 business partners today pledged to make Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) the world’s greenest airport – the first commitment of its kind worldwide.

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) and 40 business partners today pledged to make Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) the world’s greenest airport – the first commitment of its kind worldwide.

The airport community also announced it achieved a 10% reduction in carbon intensity in 2011, which is on track with its goal pledged in 2010 to lower HKIA’s carbon intensity 25% from 2008 emission levels by 2015.

The airport has carried out more than 300 green initiatives to achieve the 10% reduction, including installing LEDs, improving chiller systems, introducing more energy-efficient vehicles and launching green educational programmes.

At today’s ceremony, LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet Hong Kong Limited and Asia Airfreight Terminal Company were recognised with “Most Effective Carbon Reduction” gold, silver and bronze awards respectively for their outstanding individual achievements in carbon reduction. 

AAHK also showcased its newly acquired fleet of 31 electric saloon vehicles, which mean that it now possesses the largest fleet of electric saloon vehicles in Hong Kong. 

Dr Marvin Cheung Kin-tung, chairman of the AAHK, said "Environmental care is not only one of the airport community’s core values, but a principle we share in our daily operations and future development. 

Today’s pledge to become the world’s greenest airport marks a big step forward, putting HKIA at the forefront worldwide by providing a delightful airport experience and delivering exemplary environmental performance.”

In 2011 AAHK began a rolling three-year environmental plan, covering a wide range of targets and initiatives designed to make HKIA the global leader in environmental performance. A key strategy involves the gateway's commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling.

In the area of energy and emissions reduction, AAHK will complete the replacement of more than 100,000 lighting applications with LEDs by the end of 2014. 

It has also announced that all new saloon cars in the Airport Restricted Area (ARA) must be electric from mid-2013, and that the entire ARA saloon fleet must be electric by 2017. In the meantime, AAHK will invest HK$40 million to install more charging stations in phases. 

In addition, the use of Auxiliary Power Units when parked at aircraft parking stands will be banned in 2014, after which time all aircraft will use Fixed Ground Power and Pre-conditioned Air systems except for special operational reasons.

In terms of re-use, AAHK will increase the grey water treatment capacity to 6,000 cubic metres per day within the year, which is equivalent to recycling the daily water usage of 7,000 four-member families. 

AAHK also aims to enhance recyclables separation at the Airside Waste Station and work with all tenants on the airport island to achieve its goal of separating and recycling all recyclables within 10 years, except those that are unhygienic to handle.

The airport said it will continue to work closely with its business partners to achieve a high level of environmental performance across the airport community, including setting up guidelines and providing regular workshops for airport community members.

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