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NEWS Last modified on June 27, 2012

London Heliport bids to woo traffic ahead of 2012 Olympics

The new owners of London Heliport have announced a new pricing scheme in a bid to bolster traffic.

The new owners of London Heliport have announced a new pricing scheme in a bid to bolster traffic.

Reuben Brothers – which acquired the only CAA approved commercial heliport in the UK capital four months ago – hopes dropping its fees by up to 20% will stimulate renewed interest amongst operators and owners of single-engine executive helicopters ahead of the London Olympics.

The new owners, who have renamed the facility Barclays London Heliport after signing a multi-year branding deal with the bank, are also offering free landing to helicopters interlining with jets at London Oxford Airport, which is also owned by the Reuben Brothers.

"A growing number of bookings are being logged for the Olympics period and now we are urging both operators and charter brokers to hurry and confirm their slots before July 1 and log details of tail numbers in order to be included in our security database," says Barclays London Heliport’s general manager Simon Hutchins. 

“During the period of the Olympics there will be no holding on the heli-routes, helicopters will just move straight in and straight out.”  

During the Games, the heliport is offering innovative river transport to the Olympic Park via Limehouse Marina aboard an eight-seat VIP configured 37ft Sunseeker Superhawk, Shaken not Stirred, as featured in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

In addition a 36ft 12-seat enclosed VIP high speed RIB, Chelsea Flyer will be available at the heliport which is located just south of Chelsea Wharf & Harbour.

Once owned by Westland and Harrods, London's only licensed heliport has been in existence for more than 50 years and since a 2010 refurbishment boasts a new terminal, control tower, meetings and conference facilities and an adjacent five star luxury hotel.

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