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NEWS Last modified on July 2, 2012

New director at Auckland

Auckland Airport has appointed Justine Smyth as a new director.

Auckland Airport has appointed Justine Smyth as a new director.

Chair of Auckland Airport, Joan Withers, announced the appointment today (July 2).

Ms Smyth is currently a director of Telecom, a board member of the Financial Markets Authority and chair of The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Until recently, she was also deputy chair of New Zealand Post Ltd and chair of their finance, audit, investment and risk committee.

Her background includes having been group finance director of Lion Nathan Limited and a partner of Deloitte.

Ms Smyth currently is also an owner and executive director in a clothing manufacture and wholesale business.

The airport said Ms Smyth had a strong experience in retail, governance, mergers and acquisitions, taxation and financial performance of large corporate enterprises and the acquisition, ownership, management and sale of small and medium enterprises.

Mrs Withers added that her experience would “positively complement the mix of skills and experience of existing board members”.

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