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NEWS Last modified on August 14, 2012

Largest M&M's store in Asia opens at Changi Airport

The new flagship M&M’s store at Changi Airport has been officially opened.

The new flagship M&M’s store at Changi Airport has been officially opened.

The store, a partnership between Mars International Travel Retail (ITR), Focus Network Agencies (FNA) and Changi Airport Group (CAG), is the largest dedicated M&M’s store in Asia.

Based in the airport’s Terminal 2, the 256sqm shop sees Mars expand the presence of M&M’s in a standalone format.

October 2011 saw the first opening of a 40sqm M&M’s concept store at Terminal 1, with an additional 85sqm store added in Terminal 3 in January this year.

The new store opened to passengers in June and the airport said it has experienced considerable success.

The store is divided into three themed areas – holiday, travel and home.

Passengers have the opportunity to take photos with Red and Yellow M&M characters against backgrounds featuring Singapore’s famous skyline and landmarks.

For the travel theme, using a 3D luggage conveyor belt, Green and Red M&M characters feature in a mini airport setting.

Part of the store has also been designed along the theme of home comforts, with a Blue M&M character seated on a sofa for passengers to be photographed alongside.

The store also features an interactive games station where passengers are given the opportunity to play an M&M’s game.


Written by @SteveThompsonAM

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