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NEWS Last modified on August 20, 2012

BAA reluctantly agrees to sell Stansted

BAA has decided to sell Stansted Airport.

BAA has decided to sell Stansted Airport.

A statement released today said BAA has decided not to appeal to the UK Supreme Court over a ruling from UK Court of Appeal last month.

That court ruling had followed an earlier decision last year, from the Competition Commission.

The statement from BAA added: “We still believe that the Competition Commission ruling fails to recognise that Stansted and Heathrow serve different markets.”

The Competition Commission had previously welcomed the decision by the Court of Appeal.

BAA completed the sale of Edinburgh Airport to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) in April this year, the second of three airport sales required by the Competition Commission following its 2009 report into BAA’s ownership of seven UK airports. 

GIP bought Gatwick Airport in December 2009.

Manchester Airports Group is rumoured to be interested in buying Stansted.

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