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NEWS Last modified on November 21, 2012

Dublin Airport Authority signs five-year deal with HP for new virtual IT system

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has signed a five-year deal with Hewlett Packard (HP) for a new “virtual storage system”.

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has signed a five-year deal with Hewlett Packard (HP) for a new “virtual storage system”.

The new IT infrastructure, worth “in excess of €1 million” will allow DAA to smoothly run its computer systems across retail, check-in, boarding, baggage handling, email, car parking, finance, human resources, and a number of other different facilities.

The space saving storage facility will also allow DAA to set up new IT systems quickly and efficiently, with bosses saying they will be able to launch new processes in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Dublin Airport counts itself as being a proactive airport, in terms of IT, social media, and the internet.

The airport provides free Wi-Fi for passengers and has an active Facebook and Twitter presence. The new system will help the airport maintain and improve this.

DAA’s chief information officer, Gerry Luttrell, said: “It will provide resilience, which is a key term in airports. What you don’t want is things breaking, and this system will provide back up.

“It is future proof for the next five years and it’s worth in excess of €1 million.

“But the savings, which we will only realise over a four or five year period, will be quite substantial.

“We have a number of developments in the pipeline. Our primary focus is to improve the passenger experience, and we have a lot of stuff planned to do with improving the flow of information directly to passengers.”

More than 22.7 million passengers passed through DAA’s three airports – Dublin, Cork and Shannon – in 2011.

Peter Ryan, managing director of HP for EMEA, added: “As the IT landscape became more complex, DAA needed to consolidate and virtualise its IT systems.

“HP’s innovation, global experience and high quality products help DAA’s airports run smoothly and efficiently.”

Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport (pictured) celebrated its second birthday this week. Around 16 million passengers have used the new terminal since it was officially opened on November 19, 2010.

HP's premier Europe, Middle East and Africa client event, HP Discover, takes place from December 4 to 6 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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