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NEWS Last modified on March 5, 2013

Copenhagen Airport to introduce boarding pass e-gates

Copenhagen Airport is set to introduce automated boarding pass scanners.

Copenhagen Airport is set to introduce automated boarding pass scanners.

The system will make it easier and quicker to get to the security screening area, the airport said.

Passengers will pass through the “e-gate” before entering the security screening area.

Manual boarding pass checks will be replaced by an automated scanning of boarding passes.

The idea is to reduce waiting time and costs and to further increase capacity and passenger satisfaction.

Johnnie Müller, head of security at Copenhagen Airport, said: “Our passenger interviews show that self-service travellers are satisfied travellers.

“Passengers want more self-service options. Today, 75% of passengers check in online, at airport kiosks or by mobile phone.

“For this reason, we are convinced that passengers will welcome the new e-gates, which will make it even easier for them to make their way through the airport.”

Copenhagen Airport is among the first European airports to introduce e-gates.

At an e-gate, passengers self-scan their boarding passes, and only a valid travel document will open the e-gate.

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