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NEWS Last modified on March 8, 2013

Pictures: Qatar's Hamad International Airport City masterplan

OMA has been confirmed as masterplanners for Hamad International’s 10 sq km airport city, in Doha, Qatar.

OMA has been confirmed as masterplanners for Hamad International’s 10 sq km airport city, in Doha, Qatar.

The development will create a space where 200,000 people will live and work, linking the new airport with Doha.

OMA’s masterplan is a series of four circular districts along a spine parallel to the HIA runways, intended to create a “strong visual identity and districts with unique identities”, OMA said.

Phase one of the 30-year masterplan, which links airside and landside developments for business, logistics, retail, hotels, and residences, will be mostly complete in time for the 2022 Football World Cup, hosted by Qatar.

OMA partner, Rem Koolhaas, said: “We are delighted and honoured to participate in the exciting growth of Doha, in a project that is perhaps the first serious effort anywhere in the world to interface between an international airport and the city it serves.”

Partner-in-charge, Iyad Alsaka, added: “Doha’s Airport City is an important addition to the realization of OMA’s work in urbanism and will incorporate unprecedented transport planning opportunities; we look forward to collaborating with the HIA to meet the objectives of this ambitious project.”

Each district of airport city will be unique within the masterplan’s overall identity.

The business district will centre on a major new transport hub linking with greater Doha; the aviation campus will accommodate office headquarters and educational facilities for aviation authorities; the logistics district will provide cargo and warehousing facilities; and the residential district, adjacent to the new Doha Bay Marina, will accommodate future employees.

A “green spine” connects the districts, echoing their individual identities as it runs north to south.

The landscaping scheme, developed by Michel Desvigne, is a new public space for Doha that will be used by residents and tourists.

A network of public spaces, gardens and plazas will stretch across the site, surrounded by a “desert park”.

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