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NEWS Last modified on April 5, 2013

Travel firms told they need to keep up with passengers' technology demands

A new report’s has warned travel firms that they need to speed up to keep up with today’s consumers.

A new report’s has warned travel firms that they need to speed up to keep up with today’s consumers.

The Innovation Report produced by Travolution says that all sectors of the travel industry need to produce more accurate and relevant search results, at speed, to keep the consumers clicking on the ‘buy’ button.

The annual Innovation Report investigates IT spend across all sectors of the travel industry.

Other key findings include:

  • Travel agents reliance on using call centres and technology to give them an edge over tour operators
  • Growth figures are slightly higher in 2012 in IT spend after three years of decline
  • IT spend in passenger air travel highest at £352 million in 2012, followed by travel agents at £347 million then hotels at £219 million
  • UK travel growth in IT expenditure expected to be 6% in 2013

Ian Maxfield ,CEO of Collstream, the report sponsor’s, said: “It’s no surprise that the consumer’s purchasing habits have changed over the past few years and that IT plays a greater part in our daily lives.

“Digital communications are the future be it mobile, tablet or laptop. Consumers increasingly want to be satisfied immediately and be served personalised results.

“While on the move people want to stay in touch and communicate.”

In 2012 Collstream (www.collstream.co.uk) was named by Deloite as one of the 50 fastest growing technology businesses in the UK.

The firm specialises in SMS, voice messaging and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions to help businesses manage their communications.

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